Kelvin Chen Tea Pot (No. 251)

Kelvin Chen Tea Pot (No. 251)

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Kelvin Chen 

Each of these adorable miniature teapots are entirely handmade and numbered by the artisan who painted it.  Only a limited number of each design is produced.  The bottom of the teapots are signed Kelvin Chen so you know it is genuine and includes the number of this edition and the initial of the painter as well as the copyright date.

Enamel miniatures were first made in the 17th century by Frenchman Jean Toutin of Chateadun.  The English learned the skills in the mid 18th century and applied hand painted enamel designs to copper boxes.  These boxes captivated Georgian society and became collector's favorites.  In modern days, however, transfer-printing technology is used to mass produce these boxes.

After much research and work, Kelvin Chen International has succeeded in reviving the old handmade tradition.  This enamel collectible is entirely handmade and hand painted, much like its English predecessors centuries ago.  

Following the 17th century tradition, 23 processes are executed during many days of work.  In addition to the laborious copper cutting, assembly, and enamel painting, no less than five firings are necessary to solidify the enamels and give them the bright luminous color.  As with any handmade craft, minor imperfections are part of the charm.  Born of fire, labor and tradition, this unique piece will surely bring you many generations of enjoyment.